AT&T Files Complaint About Google Voice

By: VoIP Weblog
AT&T Files Complaint About Google Voice

AT&T has filed a complaint with the FCC regarding Google Voice, contending that the service violates FCC regulations.

"The phone giant based its request on news reports that said Google Voice restricts users from placing calls to certain areas with carriers that charge high access fees," writes the LA Times' W.J. Hennigan. "Under federal law, other telephone service providers don't have that option."

"The AT&T complaint says that if Google Voice is a telecoms service, then it ought to be covered by common carriage rules," writes the FT's John Gapper. "If it is not, as Google claims, then it is an Internet application that should be covered by the network neutrality principles for which Google has lobbied."

"That line, which gets even blurrier by the day, may go away soon," writes BloggingStocks' Brian White. "It's true that the Google Voice product undercuts revenue streams from established competitors. The ultra-popular internet calling service Skype has been doing this for years, though.... The fight should get much more interesting from here."

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