Big Video Conferencing Systems Out, Small Ones In

By: VoIP Weblog

Whatever was in the coffee Andy Abramson was drinking in Madrid, I want some! He certainly got on a roll with this one.

The short version of Andy's lengthy piece on video conferencing systems is that big, in-office video conferencing systems are a waste of money. People in offices generally don't use them. The people who want video conferencing-and would be the most likely to use them-are the people out in the field.

With the proliferation of video-enabled laptops and video conferencing tools like Skype and SightSpeed, who needs a big system that can only be used one place? And who wants to spend big bucks on a system that will never get used when you can get other solutions that are just-as-good for (almost) free? Certainly not me.

For me, the next step is video conferencing on a mobile phone. Quite honestly, I can do just about everything else from my mobile phone. It's possible, since Nokia handsets have support for it built-in. Problem here in the US is the mobile networks don't support it.

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