Cubic Telecom Raises EUR5M

By: VoIP Weblog

Pat Phelan is one of those guys whom you just have to admire. Being a former chef, he's not your typical telecom guy. Many of his projects have been about one thing: getting people talking on mobile phones for as little as possible.

One of his projects:, had to be changed to get around the telecom regulations here in the US. Even with the new system, Yak4Ever, it's still possible to make free International calls for the price of a domestic long distance call. Other projects, including Roam4Free and the upcoming MaxRoam, relate to reducing or eliminating mobile phone roaming charges while abroad.

I wish Pat and his crew at Cubic Telecom the best of luck with the 5 million Euros they were able to raise. I know they'll do a lot of good with that money. Press release after the jump.