DPH-C160S VoIP Phone from D-Link

By: VoIP Weblog
DPH-C160S VoIP Phone from D-Link

D-Link launches another DECT cordless and it is called the DPH-C160S VoIP phone. It's a truly plug and play device and there is no need for switching on your computer as the phone base plugs directly into a broadband gateway and you will be able to enjoy most of the services as it supports SIP but Skype would be definitely out of question. With this phone you would be able to relish both traditional telephone service and international and interstate VoIP calling. Don't worry about the voice quality as it is at par with that of traditional calls as it is packed with features such as packet delay compensation, echo cancellation and lost packet recovery. You can avail this phone at a price of A$269.

Given below are the features of this phone:

???‚¬¢ Dual mode unit which supports multiple units off one base station.
???‚¬¢ Three way conference calling between VoIP and traditional phone lines.
???‚¬¢ Has a convenient LCD screen which displays call information.
???‚¬¢ Features such as call forwarding, speed dial, redial, mute and hold.
???‚¬¢ Auto detection
???‚¬¢ Speaker phone and handset locator.
???‚¬¢ Has a range from fifty metres indoor to three hundred metres outdoor.