Get Traffic Updates with Vonage's VoIP 511

By: VoIP Weblog
Get Traffic Updates with Vonage's VoIP 511

Ready to go to office but don't want to get caught in a traffic jam because if you get late your boss would get you with all guns blazing. This is a common story with all of us but you must be wondering which areas you should avoid while driving to office.

Here is a solution for your worry. Remember a few days back I had reported about Vonage offering weather forecasts and now they are offering a service to their customers which would enable them to receive local traffic reports. Now subscribers can call 511 for free and get to know the latest traffic update from their area 511 systems.

Once you make a call it is routed from Vonage's network to the local 511 Advanced Traveler Information Service (ATIS). The calls are routed locally depending upon the address the customer registered for the 911 service. As of now there are thirty 511 systems operating in 26 states.

Vonage is covering the following areas:

Alaska Statewide, Arizona Statewide, Sacramento region and San Francisco Bay Area region in California; Colorado Statewide, Southeast Florida region, Central Florida/Orlando region and Tampa Bay region; Florida Statewide system (covering all areas not included in regional systems) Idaho Statewide, Iowa Statewide, Kansas Statewide, Kentucky Statewide, Maine Statewide, Minnesota Statewide, Montana Statewide, Nebraska Statewide, Nevada Statewide, New Hampshire Statewide, North Carolina Statewide, North Dakota Statewide, Ohio Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region, Oregon Statewide, Rhode Island Statewide, South Dakota Statewide, Tennessee Statewide, Utah Statewide, Vermont Statewide, Virginia Statewide, Washington State Statewide and Wyoming Statewide.

I hope after reading this you are feeling a bit better.