Gizmo plus Google Talk?

By: VoIP Weblog

The gizmo project, a great alternative to Skype (if you need one) is now offering IM through Google Talk, according to Om Malik. This is big news.

When I do podcasts with just one other person, we use Gizmo as it is easier and seems to be a tad more reliable than Skype, but when there's a group of us, we use Skype because we can IM within the client to let the group when we want to interrupt each other. Now, of course in heated debates we all talk at once, but the strategy works in theory.

I guess we could all use AIM + Gizmo, but the IM within Skype is just more convenient. Now that Gizmo has it, I may start using it exclusively.

Oh, and I guess it's time for another VoIP interview. I did one recently with Jeremy Hague (of Waxmail and Skylook). Look for that this weekend.