Jajah to adorn Apple iPhone, says Jajah

By: VoIP Weblog
Jajah to adorn Apple iPhone, says Jajah

Please forgive me as I have taken a lot of time in informing you that Jajah Mobile Web will now be officially allowing Apple iPhone users to make VoIP calls from the web browser. All you are required to do is enter your Jajah user name and password and you are all set to enjoy calls on your iPhone but all this will only be possible in June 2007 when iPhone goes on sale. Up till now there were just rumors making round that Daniel Mattes, co-founder of Jajah was into some serious talks with Apple regarding using Jajah in their iPhone. If you all remember I had reported to you about it in the month of December.

Here are some excerpts from Jajah blog:

We are announcing today that we are going to support the iPhone as soon as it becomes available in June 2007.

We are going to bring Jajah Mobile to the iPhone as soon as it becomes available. iPhone users will be able to make free or very low cost global Jajah calls with a single click, without a special download, other equipment, wi-fi or broadband access. You'll just need to be a registered Jajah user - and registration is free.

This is certainly a good news but I could not find any announcement from Apple's side regarding allowing Jajah to work on their iPhone, probably they might have been busy with the iPhone trademark fight and now with that tussle between Cisco and Apple over you might soon hear the good news from Apple's side too.