Jaxtr Secures $10MM in Funding

By: VoIP Weblog

It's funny to hear about this from a blog of the CEO of one of Jaxtr's competitors, Jangl, but Michael Cerda breaks the news anyway. Good news for the VoIP industry that more money is flowing in from venture capitalists.

The funding of a competitor isn't the real story in Michael Cerda's post-which I recommend you read. The real story is how Jangl differentiates itself from Jaxtr.

I get the sense Michael doesn't really view Jaxtr as a competitor. Surely, Jangl and Jaxtr are doing very similar things in almost the same way, even. That's where the confusion lies. The real difference in execution. Jangl and Jaxtr are essentially going after different customers. Jaxtr seems to be hitting the "if it's free, it's me, if I gotta pay, no way" crowd versus Jangl's approach of getting baked into the fabric of online communities and social networks.

If you look at the key part of each of the websites, I think the differences speak for themselves:


I think Jangl's got the better strategy. What do you think?