Michael Robertson Renaming SIPphone To Gizmo5

By: VoIP Weblog

In the early days, it was SIPphone. Then Gizmo Project launched and everyone forgot about SIPphone. Recently, michael Robertson and his team brought out Gizmo5, which was essentially Gizmo Project for mobile phones.

All three "brands" around essentially one service? Way too confusing! Michael Robertson just announced on Thursday that he's dropping all the other names and renaming everything Gizmo5. The actual company, SIPphone, will have to go through a name change, which I imagine will take some legal wrangling. It will also take some time to change the name of Gizmo Project, but I assume that can happen as soon as the next version is released.

Less brand confusion is good, but they got a long way to go before they can take down the 800 pound Skype gorilla. Gizmo5 is smart to go after the mobile phone, since that's Skype's weakest area by far. However, Gizmo's biggest weaknesses are audio quality (compared to Skype) and ability to penetrate most firewalls.

To sweeten the deal even more, if you add $10 in Call Out credit before December 26th, 2007, you'll get $3 in bonus minutes. You'll have that much more time to talk to your loved ones.