Mouse And Phone Combo - ASG 142 Skype Mouse phone

By: VoIP Weblog
Mouse And Phone Combo - ASG 142 Skype Mouse phone

Look at the product on the left, Does it look like a mouse? If you answer is yes then you have been foxed. It is the ASG 142 Skype mouse phone from Sysgration, Taiwan with the functionality of both a phone and a mouse. Equipped with an 800 DPI optical sensor, you can use it with your laptop as a mouse too.

Just open the face of the mouse and you would come across the phone which has been created for Skype. This phone is blessed with a 1.3 inch green LCD display and has a support for backlight which shows the list of your Skype buddies ad their online status. With it you can also make SkypeOut calls.


It has those standard red and green buttons for making calls and also has a property key using which you can move through the Skype menu. Just look at the side of the mouse phone and you would come across four additional keys. Using these you could adjust the volume or check your Skype contacts with it.

It's a simple looking phone and quite easy to operate. It gives a retro look, the screen is a bit small but I believe this has been done in order to retain the size of a mouse but if they had made the interiors of the mouse phone a bit stylish it would have been appreciated. Overall a decent phone which offers a clear voice. The pricing is yet not available but expect it to be priced economically.

thnx fuad