Paris Hilton in A VoIP Scandal?

By: VoIP Weblog
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I thought the cat fight was over but it isn't. You might have up till now guessed whom I am talking about. You guessed it right- the two ladies are Paris Hilton and lindsay lohan. Do they need any introduction? Certainly they don't.

This time their feud has become a bit technological if I am not wrong. Paris Hilton has been accused of using a fake Caller ID seller called for hacking into voicemail accounts of an un named cell phone network. Somebody has broken into Lindsay's BlackBerry and sent some bad messages to her friends. All fingers are pointing at Paris as the wording of the messages remind of Miss Hilton. Representatives of Lindsay Lohan have an inking that Paris Hilton might be behind the attack. She figured among the fifty customers whose account were suspended as they had been misusing's Caller ID spoofing service for hacking into voicemail accounts.

Remember two years back Hilton's her T-mobile was hacked and it spilled the beans out of her phone. This scandal demonstrates how the telephone industry is being targeted by inexpensive telephone software and what else the feud fire is still far from over.