PhoneGnome Outage Nearly Averted

By: VoIP Weblog

Last night, I got an SMS email from the folks at PhoneGnome with warning of a likely outage. The contents of this email are posted after the jump. The reason? One of their main data center providers up and quit. That should be a lesson to everyone out there. Props to PhoneGnome for getting the word out as soon as they knew something.

The good news, according to Carolyn Schuk at Voxilla, is that the crisis is averted. Other providers PhoneGnome was using stepped up to the plate. It looks like any service that do occur are likely to be minor in comparison.

On the plus side, since PhoneGnome is generally an enhancement to your local phone service instead of a replacement for it, PhoneGnome customers should be able to use their landlines normally, if an outage like this occurs. Obviously, some PhoneGnome features may not work, but it's better than being completely disconnected like what happens when a company like SunRocket folds!