Public beta of Jaxtr is out

By: VoIP Weblog
Public beta of Jaxtr is out

Jaxtr public beta is replacing the private beta so now you can simply sign up for a free Jaxtr account in order to link your phone to a social networking site or a blog. All you need to do is add a Jaxtr widget to your blog or online profile and get in touch with people from around the world and at the same time keeps their number private.

As of now Jaxtr is compatible with a number of social networking sites and communities such as YouTube, My Space, Linkedin, Craigslist, Livejournal, Blogger to name a few and the company does not charge a single penny for making unlimited outbound international calls from cell phone and there is also no limit to voice mails.

A number of new features have found a place in the public beta version:


Lets users record their own voice to greet and update people who visit their profile or blog

Voice and Text Messages:

Allows callers to send voice or text messages in addition to making phone calls.

Blog Widget:

Bloggers now have a widget specifically designed for adding into the sidebars of blogs.

Worldwide Support:

Jaxtr users can now receive calls from people in over 200 countries.

Local Numbers:

Adds thousands of direct-dial numbers in the U.S., Europe, Latin America and Asia.

The new features look good as you can greet people in your own voice with the VoiceBlast feature and a widget has been designed for blogs so that they can be added on to the sidebars, not to forget the possibility of calls from more than two hundred countries. With the PrivacyShield feature one can control on a caller by caller basis as to who can ring them. People can get in touch with Jaxtr users without any need for registering for a Jaxtr account as they get a permanent number and they won't even have to pay any long distance charges on domestic and international calls. Click here to get Jaxtr now.

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