SightSpeed Business Goes 9-Way

By: VoIP Weblog

The folks at SightSpeed continue to quietly amaze. As I mentioned last week, SightSpeed was going to announce 9-way video conferencing, and they did exactly that for their SightSpeed Business customers. SightSpeed Business customers can now talk to up to 9 people simultaneously on a video call with prices starting at $19.95 a month per user.

My experience with SightSpeed's 4-way video calling was pretty good. I'm told, though I haven't yet tested it myself, that the 9-way calling is even better thanks to some work they did on the server end. Keeping 9 videos in sync is quite a feat to say the least!

I wonder how this stacks up to the Halo conferencing system Nokia is employing internally. Buying everyone webcams and a copy of SightSpeed Business has got to be cheaper than building out these Halo conference rooms.