Skype Catastrophe Looming?

By: VoIP Weblog

It's always so hard to digest these business murmurings, so I don't usually comment when I hear these things. However, these particular mumbles come from two people I highly respect online. Therefore, I'm going to report that Skype's foundation may be trembling, just a bit.

Today Om Malik wrote on the Skype deal with Radio Shack and the possible issues involved with that. If you read Om's blog much none of this should surprise you.

Like many others, I have been experiencing a slight degradation in the sound quality, and often times calls that end on the PSTN network are almost "unbearable." In recent conversations with CEOs of big telecoms, the message was pretty clear: Skype is going to be sleeping with the fishes soon.

And, also today Andy Abramson discussed some particular Skype rumors. If you are following Skype's business issues, this is a must read.

That there are a lot of people leaving Skype due to the merger. Reportedly there have been some defections in Business Development and PR, but some of those rumors may relate to PR whiz Kelly Larabee being off on maternity leave for now.

Ever since the Ebay/Skype merger, things like this have been coming up, but right now they seem to be coming to a head. While I always recommend caution on these issues, it would be in your interest, if you are a Skype user (and who isn't?), to keep your ear to the ground and pay attention to the rumblings. As a Skype-lover, I really hope they can keep it together.