Skype gets ready to play games

By: VoIP Weblog
Skype gets ready to play games

Skype knows that the gaming arena is hot and in order to capitalize on that Skype will be offering a new game channel on its service targeted at casual gamers. Easybits is involved in developing this gaming service. The announcement in this regards was made by Paul Amery at the Communications Developer Conference. It will be attracting third party casual game developers who can benefit from the two hundred million registered Skype users. What they also get is free SDK and technical support. The support converts games for using Skype's GameXN framework. DRM, distribution and e-commerce activities are taken care of by the free software.

GameXN will be offering the following services:

???‚¬¢ selecting the game and players
???‚¬¢ connecting those players
???‚¬¢ performing data transfer
???‚¬¢ managing the created connections

Developers will surely be able to command a price for the games but it's still not clear whether Skype or developers will be deciding on the price to be charged.