Skype Releases Cross-Zone Scripting Fix For Windows

By: VoIP Weblog

If you use Skype on Windows, you might want to make sure that you're running the most recent version. Skype Journal, among others, lets us know that Skype has released a hotfix for a potentially serious cross-zone scripting bug within the Skype client. As near as I can tell, this bug is only relevant to the Windows version of Skype. Mac, Linux, and other platforms.

This new version also includes a very important security issue-one which they need to bring into the Linux and Mac versions of the Skype client pronto. It is a whitelist and blacklist for the Skype API. This will help prevent the spread of malware through the Skype API. While malware isn't a huge issue on Linux and Windows, that doesn't mean this important security feature shouldn't be included.