Vonage Needed More Money

By: VoIP Weblog

Om has an article on Vonage bringing in more money, while they were purportedly gearing up for an IPO.

With this round of financing the company has raised a whopping $658 million from private investors. Is this proof that the company continues to burn cash as it competes with the giants? This is the last round before IPO, a line I have heard before.

Maybe their debt/financial need has something to do with the crapload of money they just outlaid becoming e911 compliant.

I know Vonage can, unbelievably, raise $250M, but these smaller VoIPs just can't do this.

I just wish we could give these companies a little more time before we start overloading new technologies (and yes, VoIP is still new) with huge governmental fines, fees, regulations, and red-tape to the point that they end up out of business.

::end rant::