Vonage woos customers with V-Access service

By: VoIP Weblog
vonage v-access.gif

Vonage likes to be in news, it doesn't matter whether it's for good or bad reason. After weathering the time when it's IPO literally failed, Vonage has been making efforts to bring back to shape its dented image. In a latest strategy to woo customers Vonage has introduced a new service called V-Access which enables anyone residing in seven countries to call up its customers at local call rates and its overseas customers can also call U.S 1-800 numbers. The seven countries included under the service are Canada, U.K, Mexico, Spain, Italy, France and U.K. The service is mainly aimed at students and businessmen.

Though Vonage is bleeding but it's not ready to leave its Revival path and is making all efforts to get back into shape. The indication comes from the fact that earlier this month the company entered into an agreement for reselling EarthLink municipal Wi-Fi and now comes V-Access.

It seems Vonage has still not been able to recover from the early setback it received from its not so popular IPO and I was just wondering how far these services would go in reviving Vonage and whether these services are potent enough to bring the company back on track. . I am not so sure.