What Is Iotum Up To?

By: VoIP Weblog

Last week while I was in Ottawa, I had lunch with Alec Saunders. While I certainly hear from Alec on a regular basis thanks to his Squawk Box calls, I rarely get one-on-one time with Alec-especially in person!

One of the many topics of our lunch conversation was what his company Iotum was doing to make money. I knew that their Free Conference Call application on Facebook was making some money, but I hadn't heard about other projects they were working on.

Alec spilled the beans to me over lunch about what they are doing. Unfortunately, I have signed the gentleman's NDA, so I am not going to divulge his deep, dark secrets until the appointed time. However, I can say that the direction they are heading is quite compelling in a number of use cases. It will for sure be a new way to look at business conversations and will be well worth the wait!