Phone Power is the Best VoIP Service

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Photo © qthrulTopTenReviews has ranked the best VoIP Services of 2011. The top three VoIP services are Phone Power, ITP and Vonage. Phone Power has been reviewed as the number one VoIP service and received an overall rating of four stars. The VoIP service provides its customers with four different plans: Premium 24 month, Premium 12 month, Premium monthly and Premium Annual. All of the plans come with 60 minutes free international...Read more
Skyrocket VoIP Starts a Vigorous Marketing Campaign The VoIP Weblog Sunrocket, a newcomer to the VoIP arena, is hoping to become a major player. They just signed a marketing contract with Oneupweb, a popular search marketing firm. Oneupweb will be optimizing Skyrocket's web properties to be search engine friendly. Right now their site,, just says "test page" so apparently...Read more

Seen that? - BellSouth Offers VoIP

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BellSouth Offers VoIP The VoIP Weblog BellSouth now has VoIP. The landline bohemoth entered into a partnership with 8x8, a small but solid VoIP outfit that offers voice and video broadband phone. For $20 a month users get voicemail, caller ID, and free longdistance across the states and Canada. Overseas calls come at a reduced cost. Every VoIP provider just involuntarily shuddered... [...] Read...Read more
Skype and Six Apart Join Forces The VoIP Weblog (oh yeah, and Skype Gets Video too) In a highly anticipated move, CNet reported this morning that Skype 2.0, the next version, due out early next year, will come with video capabilities. Logitech and Creative, by far the industry leaders in webcams, have agreed to partner with Skype for distribution. Video Skype is not anything we haven't...Read more

Seen that? - Skype Is Everywhere!

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Skype Is Everywhere! The VoIP Weblog voip is being used in some really creative ways lately. I am always on the lookout for weird ways people are bringing these ideas to the table. I just got an email from someone at Ad:Tech. He saw a press release on a pretty interesting way to monetize VoIP.ADS-click is offering a new option for their online advertisers. BTW, ADS-click is a private search...Read more

Seen that? - Infone Goes Belly-Up

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Infone Goes Belly-Up The VoIP Weblog Sorry to depress some of you, but a rumor (well it looks to be pretty well documented) is out saying Infone is closing down. Here's the email: Dear Infone Customer: It is with deep regret that we must announce that Infone LLC will be discontinuing its enhanced directory assistance and call completion services effective December 31, 2005. If you have questions...Read more
Skylook's Creators Respond to Skype 2.0 The VoIP Weblog Jeremy Hague of Skylook: In the Skype 2.0 beta, Skype's free Outlook Toolbar is being pushed in a big way. I believe that this will spread the idea amongst Skype users that Skype and Outlook work better together. Users who want deeper integration and richer functionality will seek our Skylook toolbar as it offers more features than...Read more

Seen that? - Virus Fears with Skype

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Virus Fears with Skype at The VoIP Weblog Be careful what you clickThe coolest VoIP out there now has a PR nightmare to overcome. Tuesday saw a security update to correct a serious bug that could allow a Hacker to take over a subscriber's windows PC. The company also advised that Skype could be manipulated when an infected vCard is transferred between users. The other vulnerability that was fixed on...Read more
SIPMethod Application Server Beta Released at The VoIP Weblog This may go way over the heads of some of you, but I know we have some VoIP gurus reading this so, if you are interested in developing VoIP applications, you might want to know that this new beta promises to be IMS compliant. "Built based upon open standards like JSR-116 and RFC 3261, SIPMethod Application Server provides unmatched...Read more
Bring Your Home Phone Wherever You Go at The VoIP Weblog That's the claim made by PhoneGnome, the brainchild of David Beckemeyer, the former CTO and co-founder of Earthlink. Most VoIP lovers have heard of the device that marries your landline with your VoIP, but if you are not familiar, Om Malik wrote an introduction to PhoneGnome a while back that serves as a good place to familiarize yourself with...Read more