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Well known Internet entrepreneur and reputation protector Michael Fertik, provided his take on what the Privacy Bill of Rights should include. In many situations, people think that what they say and do online and otherwise has some level of protection, but that's not the case. The goal of this bill of rights is to address the need for and the restrictions on consumer privacy.What Is the Privacy Bill of Rights?What is this Privacy Bill...Read more

VoIP Bandwidth Limitations

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The VoIP bandwidth limitations in South Africa are not slowing down that country from embracing VoIP trends. However, as the industry grows rapidly it must confront the bandwidth issues which threaten to raise costs and slow growth. In the South African corporate world, two different paths are being considered for further VoIP development. Companies that want to shift their existing infrastructures to VoIP are now looking at a difficult...Read more
Photo © John.KarakatsanisNokia has unveiled its new smartphone which contains a 1GHz processor and the new phone OS Symbian Anna. The Nokia 500 is the first Symbian-based smartphone, and has a refreshed user interface (UI). The phone which weighs 93 grams, has the dimensions 111.3 x 53.8 x 14.1mm. It comes with a screen resolution of 640 x 360 pixels, and has a 3.2-inch capacitive touch display. The new Nokia phone has the latest...Read more

Free VoIP Options for Non-Facebook Users

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Photo © vrypanThere are multiple options for free VoIP for people who are not members of Facebook. The social network recently announced a video calling chat function which uses the VoIP provided by Skype. The TeamSpeak 3.0.0 RC1 is one such free VoIP provider that allows multiple users to chat over the internet. Though anyone can use this tool, it has to be configured as the program is capable of handling multiple connections simultaneously...Read more

Wireless Charging For VoIP Phones

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Photo © plongWhat would it feel like if u could charge your voip phone without using the regular wired cable, without any real contact between your voip phone handset and the main power line. Coming from the top employees of Telappliant, electronics industry analyst iSuppli suggests that mobile phones of all types and versions including voip phones are the most innovative classes for the engineering technology, which is determined to dissolve...Read more
Photo © compujerameyThere are a number of VOIP providers in the market that allow you to make free international calls. Just by registering with them, you can start making free international calls using the VOIP technology. There are a number of the VOIP providers in the market, but the following are easily the best of the lot. You can use VOIPcheap and call most countries of the world without paying anything; this service has the best voice...Read more

Installing a VoIP Phone System

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Photo © chadmillerInstalling a VoIP phone system can lower monthly business phone bills and add extra features, but the transition to this new phone system can be difficult. However, the time and hassle involved is directly proportionate to the scale of the system and whether or not it is server-based or hosted. The first thing to consider is that VoIP phone lines utilize your Internet service, so you must ensure that you have enough...Read more

Upgrading Your Business Communications

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Sometimes business communications devices are worn out, outdated or not working anymore. The direction of the company went a different way so company needs have changed. The company may operate outside the office or a standard landline cannot handle the amount of calls received daily. Upgrading to new business technology devices will do the trick. The best way to upgrade is being aware of when to upgrade. Look for these signs that the company...Read more

VoIP Server Provider

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Photo © Magnet 4 Marketing dot Net8x8 is a VoIP server provider that has recently acquired the cloud hosting provider Zerigo in a bid to add cutting edge technology to its cloud service offerings. 8X8 was a residential VoIP provider, but now a majority of its revenues are generated by small enterprise customers. Most revenue is from hosted VoIP service, but cloud service revenues are growing fast as well. The company CEO expects that over...Read more
Photo © tvolThe U.S. Federal Communications Commission has finally taken a step in favor of the customers to curb unwanted phone charges. It has been reported that this problem has massively affected around 2 million U.S. residents in over a year. The additional phone charges range from US$ 1.99 to U.S.$ 19.99 every month. But this problem has come under the notice of very few customers who were aghast on seeing phone bills comprising of 20...Read more