Increased Jajah and Skype VoIP Rates This New Year

By: VoIP Weblog
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This new year get ready to pay more on your VoIP calls. Skype will be coming up with its new call connection fee which could be around four cents for calls made on landlines. If you subscribe for Skype in February the unlimited call plan would be available for $ 29.95, just double of what it is offering now. Jajah has already raised some of the call rates by as much as fifty percent.

Jajah people are blaming euro currency for the price hike even though the company is based in U.S but a number of its contracts are in euros. Though some rates have been lowered like making calls to India from U.K and U.S but calls within US have been hiked by ten percent to 2.75 cents per minute whereas calls made from Europe to U.S has witnessed a jump of fifty percent over its previous rate of 2.5 cents per minute. Take into consideration the fact that when Jajah was launched it was offering calls at the rate of 1.7 cents per minute.

Jajah move can be justified to some extent as it might become difficult for it to survive, leave alone compete with Skype as on the free calls that it offers it has to pay a termination fees and in the process it ends up paying two termination fees in comparison to Skype. Though Skype is in a better position when compared with Jajah but it will also become difficult for it to offer free calls indefinitely as it is into business and has to earn profits too to sustain.

Users don't need to be too disappointed as there are a number of other voip providers too who would be willing to offer you decent call rates in this highly competitive market. Stay tuned as from time to time I will be letting you know about the various VoIP calling offers which would not burden your pocket.

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