Is Google Click-to-Call Inviting Phishing?

By: VoIP Weblog
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You must have started using Google's Click-to-Call service but beware as Lauren states that this service could be misused. Since a phone number has to be provided in order to connect the calls and as of now there is no method of confirming the number it surely spells danger, though the company says that they have ways of taking care of prank calls but this would surely leave us all a bit uncomfortable.

The company also said that it would be manipulating the caller ID on the calls which were made to user provided number for matching it to the business being called. This could create a lot of problems as it might be used for convincing a prank target that they were receiving a call from the business in question and the innocent business might come in the firing line. Google justified it by saying that this manipulation would serve as handy but it also brews trouble in the form of abuse.

I surely agree with Lauren and since this service would be used on a wider scale as it has the name of Google attached to it something must be done otherwise there are chances that the situation might get out of control.