Make VoIP Calling As Simple As An Email Address

By: VoIP Weblog

When we usually talk about URLs, otherwise known as uniform resource locators, we are usually talk about websites. However, URLs are not exclusively about websites, they are used to locate any resource, regardless of the network or protocol involved.

SIP-the lingua franca of the VoIP world-also has URLs associated with it. Specifically, a SIP URL indicates whom you are calling using SIP, though it looks a bit like an email address except it has a 'sip:' prepended to it.

Now the folks behind onSIP (a.k.a. Junction Networks) are offering the ability to turn your email address into SIP URL-to use in conjunction with their onSIP hosetd PBX. It does require you to have a domain and make modifications to SRV records, but ocne you've done that, you can simply give out your email address as a SIP URL and people can use it to call you.

Unfortunately, SIP URLs aren't as prevalent as they could be, so this will probably only appael to the geekiest of geeks. However, it's nice to see that Junction Network is being forward thinking.