VoIP Enabled $100 Laptop

By: VoIP Weblog
VoIP Enabled $100 Laptop

The $100 laptop from One Laptop per Child Organization has finally got a name. Dubbed as 2B1, it can create its own mesh network out of the box enabling connection between two computers without any internet connection. Just one of the computers would require an internet connection and others could share that connection automatically.

It is equipped with a 7.5-inch, 1200????”900-pixel TFT screen and has a self refreshing display with a resolution of 200 DPI which is higher as compared to most of the laptops available. One could either opt for transmissive full color mode or a reflective, high resolution mode which can be read in the sun.

Both of them consume minimal power, with the transmissive mode consuming one watt of power whereas the reflective mode consumes just 0.2 watts. This would certainly prove to be of advantage for half a billion children who don't have access to power. It is powered by a 400MHz AMD geode processor, has a 128 MB of dynamic RAM and 512 MB of SLC NAND flash memory on board.

It is a VoIP enabled laptop and has a video/still camera, SD card slot, three external USB 2.0 ports and has a microphone and speaker along with a line out jack. As far as its size is concerned it equals a textbook and in terms of its weight is lighter than a lunchbox. It hinge turns it from a laptop to ebook reading to gaming platform.

You don't need to worry about hard drive crashing and has just two internal cables. It's quite sturdy as it has plastic walls which are 2.0mm thick as compared to the standard thickness of 1.3 mm. Its mesh network antennas are better as compared to the normal laptops and act as external covers for the USB ports which have an internal protection as well. Internal bumpers are also there to cushion the display. The laptop is expected to have a life of just five years. Already both the Nigerian and Thailand government have ordered for one million laptops.