Vonage's V-Portal: What Does It Do?

By: VoIP Weblog

I have to admit, after reading the press release from Vonage about this V-Portal thing they just announced, I was confused. What is this V-Portal thing supposed to do anyway?

The press release lists a lot of features-almost too many for the average person to comprehend. All this "functionality" comes at a price: you'll have to cough up nearly $120 to get this device shipped to you, $70 of which you'll get back after a mail-in rebate. I'm sure Vonage will be floating on that $70 for just as long as it can, given how many times they've been sued lately.

I think Andy Abramson said it best though: "It seems Vonage has now determined the best way to satisfy and retain customers is to charge them for a device to provide their own customer care." My guess is that the device will provide better care than whomever answers the phone at Vonage-at least for as long as Vonage is still alive, anyway.